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Cotton Buds

These recyclable bamboo cotton buds are up to 4 times stronger than plastic and paper cotton buds. Our premium bamboo cotton buds are made from the highest quality sustainably farmed bamboo and 100% cotton.

Our cotton buds contain only two ingredients : cotton wool and bamboo. All dyes are 100% BPA free and the packing itself contains zero plastic. Everything is completely biodegradable. They are 100% vegan and cruelty free. 

These biodegradable cotton buds have endless uses: from cleaning and drying around your babies outer ear,applying makeup, to cleanign those hard reach areas around the house, car and phone, you can use it as an Ear Wax removal kit or you can also clean pet ears.

Not only do these bamboo ear buds look great on your makeup table,they also make lovely gifts. 

Colors: black,blue,green,pink

In one tube is 200 cotton buds.